& Exterior Paint

Interior & Exterior (water Base)


Wallgrace has over 1,000 collection of vibrant colours , we strive to create spaces that reflect an array of personalities and palettes.
Wallgrace is the region’s most experienced paint supplier to the interior & exterior section, and with an exceptional product portfolio and dedicated supply team, we are the best partner for any construction project. Our range of interior and exterior emulsion paints provide protection, even in diverse climatic conditions.

    Interior Products:

    • Egg Shell Paint
    • Interior Exterior Flat Top Coat
    • Stucco
    • Joint Compount
    • Interior Exterior Semi Glass
    • Weather Shield
    • Red oxid Primer
    • Grey Primer
    • Epoxy Primer Grey & White
    • PVA primer
    • Acrylic Primer
    • Plastic Emulsion 800
    • Silk Emulsion
    • Matt Emulsion
    • Queen Emulsion
    • Anti Mosquitos
    • Fresho Anti Bacteria
    • Stain free
    • Four season Paint

        Exterior Products:

        • Silk Emulsion
        • Fine Texture
        • Medium Texture
        • Heavy Texture
        • Gold Coating
        • Premetive Decore
        • Premetive Classic