Construction chemical

Wallgrace is a renowed in coatings with production facilities across all continents and a product range that meets the demands and expectations for the protection and decoration of the most complex infrastructure projects.Our products such as Floor coating, coatings for the long term corrosion protection of stee ,anticorrosion coatings for concrete and our  competence, experience, knowledge and rigorous training of our personnel combined with high quality innovative products make us a preferred supplier for around the world.


Clear Coats

  • Acrylic Clear Coat
  • Solvent Base Clear Coat
  • Poly Urothane Clear Coat
  • Epoxy Clear Coat
  • Dust Proof Coating
  • Protective Coating 
  • Acrylic Roof Coating
  • Solvent Base Roof Coating

Bonding Agent

  • PVA Bonding Agent
  • Acrylic Bonding Agent
  • SBR Bonding Agent


  • Penetrated Sealer
  • Stone Floor Sealer
  • Gloss Sealer