Cementitious products

Wallgrace,Cementitious Products have a such fine particle structure that they can be applied with brush or trowel. The great advantage of our products such as ,waterproofing is that can be used on damp and wet surfaces. Moreover, they harden more quickly and are permeable to water vapor

Our Products:

  • Normal Tile Glue Gray
  • Normal Tile Glue White
  • Water Proof Tile Glue
  • High Performance Tile Glue
  • Tile Glue For Stone Fixing
  • Tile grout whote & offwhite
  • Tile Grout Colour
  • Joiint Filler Powder Base
  • Foam Fix
  • Repair Morter
  • 2K Cement Base Waterproof
  • Rush Coat
  • Colour Plaster
  • Ready Mix Plaster Skim Coat