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Each ‘WALLGRACE‘ design comes in several colors, it can also be customized to ones needs. This is not wallpaper but wall coating which is easy-to-do yourself. No bad Odours, no mess, fire resistant, heat control, sound control. Wallgrace is environmentally safe for residential and commercial structures. Wallgrace is easy to apply as no special skills or trainings are needed  to apply our material. Wallgrace is supplied in packets and is ready for use by just adding water Wallgrace easily hides uneven, old and faded walls, ceilings, partitions and cracks! Wallgrace is very flexible material and can be applied on columns, pillars and any molded surfaces giving them natural flawless finish. Wallgrace is long lasting material! Wallgrace insulates heat and allows noise control. Wallgrace is permeable (allows walls to breath).
Wallgrace is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colors, shades and different textures! We are very focused on broadening our distribution and establish strong relations with new partners all over the world . We offer a high quality material which is brilliantly looking on the walls.

Our Values

1. WALLGRACE is an interior wall and ceiling coating designed for modern living.
2. WALLGRACE is a cost effective alternative to paint and wallpaper.
3. WALLGRACE is environmentally friendly and made from natural materials.
4. WALGRACE does not contain heavy metals, chemical contaminants.
5. WALLGRACE produces no VOC during processing or application.
6. WALGRACE is suitable for residential, commercial, educational, medical and recreational buildings.
7. WALLGRACE due to its sound absorption properties it is also ideal for use in film and sound studios.
8 WALLGRACE does not require any special foundation or surface preparation prior to application.
9.  WALLGRACE only requires one coat for a professional finishes saving you time and money.
10. WALLGRACE applies onto any surface including: plaster, cement, wood, metal, glass and all paints.
11. WALLGRACE will cover surface flaws such as unevenness, holes, gaps and cracks.
12. WALLGRACE comes in a powder form and is just mixed with water.
13. WALLGRACE is applied manually with a trowel or by using a spraying device.
14. WALLGRACE drying time is 12 to 48 hours depending on ventilation, temperature and humidity.
15. WALLGRACE Can be easily removed and repaired if required.
16. WALLGRACE Does not produce any unpleasant Fumes or dust while being applied or after application.
17. WALLGRACE is highly impact and stain resistant and is suitable for high use areas.
18. WALLGRACE Can be easily cleaned if necessary with a damp or dry cloth.
19. WALLGRACE is fire resistant and non flammable.
20. WALLGRACE Does not reflect light enhancing the harmony of the room and creating a calming decor.
21 WALLGRACE is highly stable and will not crack due to the elastic nature of the product.
22. WAL.LGRACE Is highly stable and will not discolor over time nor will it loose its elasticity.
23. WALLGRACE Has anti static properties and will not absorb or attract dust, insects or mildew.
24. WALLGRACE is available in over 200 colors in smooth, Textured or decorative finishes.
25. WALLGRACE Can custom make colors and finishes to suit your existing décor or interior design concept.
26. WALLGRACE offers you the ability to apply more than one colour and create patterns with seamless finishes.
27. WALLGRACE insulates a room against the heat, cold and damp and preserves its thermal balance.
28. WALLGRACE Stands by its product and comes with a 5 year material warranty.

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